Hands Free Mama Book Review

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rarely are books life-changing for me. Helpful? Yes. Enlightening? Sure. But a book that actually changes the course of my life? RARE. In fact, I can think of only one other book that has had such an impact on me.

This book is one of those life-changing books.

I knew I had trouble with distraction. I knew I was on my phone a little too much, spent a bit too much time on the computer, and my kids had called me out more than once on getting off my phone to play. "Just a minute. I want to read this" I'd utter, not even looking up to see the disappointment on their faces.

You see, I thought I was doing important work. I convinced myself that, because I homeschool them and basically spend 24/7 with them, that I was entitled to get an hour on the computer. After all, I had a page to run, a blog to check, books to promote, affiliates to contact, and a new yell-free year group that I promised to help. It was my work, and it was important, I told myself.

The thing is, one hour turned into much more than one hour, and I found that too many days, after they'd fallen asleep, I was left with a heavy heart of guilt because once again, I hadn't made time to play. I was around them all day, but I wasn't present.

I have big dreams. I want to make a difference - a positive impact on the lives of children and families everywhere. It's a fantastic notion, but I often have my eyes so focused on what I can do out there that I don't see what's right in front of me.

Rachel's book helped me see that hours together didn't equate to memories together, and what I want more than anything is a life of happy memories for my children and for myself. From the very first chapter, my eyes welled up with tears as Rachel's words spoke to my very soul. Her stories were often heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspirational, nudging my heart, strengthening my resolve to live a life less distracted so I can grasp what truly matters.

When I finished Hands Free Mama, when I closed the book, my eyes filled with tears, the first thing I did was hit my knees and pray for the wisdom, courage, and strength to put down my devices and focus on the little ones God has entrusted to me.

If I could get one book into the hands of every mother, this would be that book. If you don't read anything else this year, I encourage you to read this.

My conviction is clear. I desire a Hands Free life, and my kids deserve a Hands Free mama, too. So, you'll see me around, like now, when they're fast asleep on either side of me as I type. These sleeping faces look so much more mature than they did a year ago. Their tiny hands aren't so tiny anymore. I don't want to miss this. If I do, then I have missed everything. Tomorrow, I'm going to turn off my phone, power down my computer, and I'm going to play. I'm going to make precious memories with them while there is still time. Everything else can wait.

Grab the book and join me on this Hands Free journey!


You can find Rachel on her blog, Hands Free Mama and her Facebook page The Hands Free Revolution.

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  1. My friend, I must say you have blown me away with your amazing words about my book. TRULY! I cannot believe all the wonderful things you said and the way you said them. It brought me to tears. You are such a treasure, and I feel so blessed that we have connected. THANK YOU!!!


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