I Create My World by Connie Bowen - A Book Review

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

 Create My World is a fanciful collection of 16 full-color illustrations paired with a corresponding affirmation. This whimsical book highlights the importance of our thoughts to shape our lives as demonstrated by the law of attraction. Some of the affirmations included in the book are I hold the keys that create my world,; I focus on what I love,; ;I am right on track,; and many more. Encouraging children to use their imagination to interpret each illustration is one of the highlights of this book. Each painting contains its own joyful characters comprising a mini-story in itself.
Empowering children with self-affirmation at a young age can be a stepping stone to a purposeful life of creativity, lasting fulfillment and joy.

 I Create My World is a wonderful introduction to affirmations for children. It's never too soon to begin teaching the power of positive thinking to our children, and I Create My World introduces young children to this powerful tool.

The illustrations are imaginative and engaging. My sons caught on quickly to the fact that the little picture on the left page was hidden somewhere on the right page, so they had a fun time finding the picture. They really enjoyed the whimsical and fun illustrations and the short but powerful affirmations. There are questions at the end of book asking children questions like "Did you find the upside down city" which had my kids searching back through each page, intently looking for the answers to the questions.

This is a beautiful book that children of all ages (and adults too!) will love.

Connie Bowen has written and illustrated a fantastic children's book with a positive message while making it engaging and really fun to look at! My children really enjoyed this book, and I think yours will, too!

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Connie Bowen was born in Los Angeles, California and lived in a busy West L.A. suburb by the beach until age 13. It was pure culture shock when she was uprooted from junior high school to move with her mother to the wheat fields and cattle ranching area of the Pacific Northwest known as the Tri-Cities, Washington.

She majored in art at Washington State University and then attended a private business college in Portland, Oregon to study court reporting. After managing her own court reporting firm for 23 years, Connie retired to follow her dream of pursing her art career full-time. 

It was the birth of her son that inspired Connie to create her first children's book of affirmations, "I Believe In Me," published by Unity Books, which won the national Athena Award for 'book as mentor' in the category of spirituality. As of 2012, it has sold over 55,000 copies, including the Spanish edition, "Yo Creo En Mi."

Her second book, "I Turn to the Light," composed of affirmations for healing, soon followed, as did "The Sunbeam and the Wave," written by Harriet Hamilton which Connie illustrated.

Connie's love of animals led her to form a lasting bond with author Susan Chernak, author of "Animals As Teachers and Healers." It was through this connection that Connie went on to illustrate two of Susan's books, "Heart in the Wild," and "All My Relations" for Random House and New World Library.

Connie combines her three passions of metaphysics, art and her love of animals in her animal portraiture and illustrations. Her several hundred animal portraits hang in private collections throughout the United States. 

After a powerful personal shift in spiritual awareness, Connie began an intense quest for all things metaphysical and has continued her study for over two decades. Her deep and abiding interest in bringing concepts of self-esteem and self-love to children continues to inspire her whimsical artistic style.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a fabulous review, Rebecca! I appreciated hearing how your sons enjoyed "I Create My World." It warms my hear to know they had fun with it ~ :-)


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