TRU Calm Parent Relaxation and Self-Renewal Series Review

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Parenthood, especially in those early years, doesn't provide much in the way of relaxation and self-renewal, yet it's critical to our physical and mental health to re-prioritize our time and make a space for it.

Andy Smithson of TRU Parenting knows how busy we are, so he's put together this series for busy parents to center themselves in under 15 minutes a day.

I've struggled with meditation in the past. When I sit and try to focus on my breaths, my mind wanders into a thousand different places. That's why I love the guided meditations offered in this series! I put my headphones on first thing in the morning or after I put the kids to bed at night, and I choose one of these relaxing audios to renew my mind and spirit.

TRU Calm offers mindful meditation, progressive relaxation, deep relaxation, and guided imagery. It is such a replenishing series - great for beginners and beyond.

Here is your link to listen to a free sample and find out more! 

The TRU Calm Parent relaxation and Self Renewal Series is a series of 8 audio tracks that teach you the ins and outs of using relaxation and meditation to finally get the kind of personal calm you need and want with your kids. These relaxation and meditation techniques have helped parents and clients for years to calm personal anxiety, frustration and anger and become more mindful in their responses toward their children and others.

TRU Calm will help you Teach and discipline more effectively, build a beautiful and bulletproof Relationship with your child and Upgrade yourself and your own emotional intelligence and ability to decrease daily stress, feel more relaxed and model healthy self-regulation skills to your children.

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