Love Courageously Challenge - Day One (Let's Begin)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you ready to release control and embrace courageous love for the next 28 days? Want to see the amazing difference that courageous love makes? Come along!

Today, let us start from right where we are and take one step forward to a better tomorrow.

What does it mean to love courageously?

Courageous love is unconditional - not based on behavior or achievements but ever-present and given freely.

Courageous love is not fearful - it doesn't worry about spoiling the recipient. Love doesn't spoil.

Courageous love is patient, kind, attentive, welcoming, forgiving, respectful, encouraging, bold, faithful, understanding, protective, and responsible.

Courageous love means we release our need for power and embrace the power of love. 

Loving courageously does not mean we don't correct or teach. Loving courageously does not mean that we sacrifice our own needs. Courageous love respects everyone, including ourselves.

During this challenge, we will first look at the different characteristics of courageous love. Later, we'll learn together how to love courageously through all types of behaviors and problems. We'll learn how to grow patience and be steady with our emotions, how to curb criticism and offer encouragement, and much more. And we'll learn it all for free this month!

Here is an excerpt from the original post that sparked the Courageous Love challenge:

We've always been told to love conditionally - to offer love, affection, and kindness only when children are doing what we like.

What would our world look like if we parents became the givers of unconditional love at all times? We worry that, if we soothe the crying baby, she'll never learn to sleep. We worry if we give attention to a tantruming child, he'll learn to throw fits for attention. We worry if we don't punish the child who hits, he'll end up violent. We worry if we don't squash that bad attitude, she'll get out of control. We worry if we don't come down hard on his bad decisions, he'll end up behind bars.

Worry is based in fear. And where there is fear, love cannot thrive.

I suggest keeping a journal over the next 28 days to write down your thoughts, ideas, and progress. My hope is that, through this challenge, we learn to grow wiser, live fuller, and to love better.

Ready to get started?

Today, begin your journal after reading this post and the original Love Courageously post. Write down the thoughts and feelings that came up for you while reading. Journal why you are choosing to commit to this challenge.

Invite a friend! Two heads are better than one, right? Grab someone to do this challenge with you. Encourage each other along the way.

I'll see you tomorrow with "Courageous Love is Patient."


Read the post that inspired the Love Courageously Challenge.

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